Approaching to the end


In July, I left Tokyo

Arrived in Krakow, Poland

Then I stayed in a hotel for 2-3 days

Just a temporary stay until moving into a monthly flat

No impressive things happened during that period

But somehow, these days,
sometimes memories from the early days in Krakow come back to my mind

It was very summer
Very hot. Very sunny. Very bright.
And slightly lonely, because it's a new environment

This travel is approaching to the end

Finale is gradually coming

Now I'm already feeling,
if I can, I'd like to go back to that first day in Krakow & repeat this travel all over again

This travel already feels quite intense

This means
I was feeling lots of emotional waves

This means
I came across lots of people & had lots of interactions,
surely had a quite intense contact with some

Only interactions with others can cause these vivid, tasteful, unforgettable emotional Tsunami waves in our life