New Sadness

21/February/2024 in Tokyo

No matter how regretful or painful or sad it is now,
these senses will become smaller, as time goes by

I know this from my experience
.........well, everybody knows this from their experience

When we look back from the future,
it all looks smaller

Feels less regretful,
less painful,
less sad
than it used to be

Sadness lost its sharpe acute edge

which is nice

But somehow this "discovery" brings another sadness

Some kind of "new ache" runs one's body

Because it can feel like;

Our emotions towards this subject, that originally brought the pain, became smaller in us

Our attachment with this specific event lost its significance in us

Our memories with this particular person faded in us

Again, it's nice overall

We don't have to feel pain for an unnecessarily long time

But sometimes,
this feels another sadness

New sadness of forgetting old sadness