She was not nice

29/February/2024 in Tokyo

She was not really nice

Well, she was nice,
but on a surface level

There was something intangible around her that clearly showed

She hates others
She does not believe others
She does not trust "the world"

And the more I listened to her life stories,
the more I was convinced why she was so negative and pessimistic with everything

Back then

She was young

Very young

.........Now, in my reminiscence,
I'm remembering her and thinking.........

Perhaps it was just a period in her life

where she had to show such negative energies to the outside world

where she didn't know how to deal with it, deal with herself

And with time,
as she got older,

perhaps she could gradually shift the focus from herself to others

and, since she herself experienced many emotional hardships,

she could understand more about others' sorrow and fragility,

and could sympathise with others more deeply and more honestly

.........I don't know what she is doing now

But probably,
at that time,
I should not have made my opinion about her
by seeing only a very limited period of her life

Perhaps it was one of the worst periods in her life,
when we met up and spent time together