After the breakup in 2020

2/March/2024 in Tokyo

The below paragraph is from my book 

Talking about days in Warsaw in 2020 summer, just after my 2-year relationship ended

Translated from Japanese

..........We both agreed to break up

She wanted to end it and I wanted to end it,
yet I still often remembered her afterward

But one day I noticed something

".......Yesterday, for the whole day, I didn't remember her at all. For 24 hours, she didn't come across my mind........"

From that day on,
I could gradually accept sadness from losing her,
and pain from losing the relationship

From that day on,
I could gradually see these sadness and sorrow
as something that should exist

I was feeling sad about losing her & that relationship

Exactly because it was something very important for me

In this sense,
try to run away from this sorrow
try not to see this sadness,
try to forget this pain,

just means

denying 2 years of my life 

This 2 years was surely a part of my life,
a significant part of myself

And I don't want to forget any of it

I don't want to forget any of my life

In this way,
even if this sadness continues for the rest of my life,
it's okay

Rather, perhaps I would be very happy

This sadness,
This pain,
& This loneliness

are a reminder of her,
of the time we spent time together