A Little Text

2/March/2024 in Tokyo

I have a friend in Warsaw

Her name is Yana

But I call her "My Yana"

Because she is mine

Only mine

............Joke aside,

I still remember one text she sent me

It was in 2018 summer

I met her in the Vistula riverside, had some drink and went home (separately, ofc)

Then later, I got a text from her, saying

"Thanks for today. It was something I really needed"

For a moment, I thought

".........Was there anything special in our meeting?"

At least, from my side,
it didn't look like that

It was just a normal, peaceful friend's meeting

But then, I remembered
she was talking about some personal things

I was just listening to her stories

I did not (could not, anyway) give any "useful" advices to her

Just listening and quietly nodding

A couple of days ago in Tokyo

I was meeting my old friend

I talked to him about what was going on in my life recently
including many personal stuff

After that, I was feeling so much better

He didn't give me any advices or tips or anything

He was just listening and quietly nodding

Later at home,
I sent a little text to him

I now just noticed,
what I wrote was exactly the same as what Yana had written in 2018