Emotions: Only one's own language can express


*Japanese ver

1 week has passed since knowing the death of Sakurai Atsushi

I was not "a big fan" of him

Yet, it's a fact that I've been listening to his songs since 2007

Yet, it's a fact that his music has been some part of my life for 16 years. And will be

Over the past few days, I was reading a comment section on various news articles about him

He had +35-year career as a musician

Consequently, people who left comments varies

A person who has liked him since his debut
A person who recently got to like him
A person who liked him in the past
A person who knew only his name
A person who never heard of him.......

What they wrote also varies

But one thing was common

All comments ended in gratitude for Sakurai
All comments ended in this Japanese word, "ありがとう",

pronounced "Arigatou", meaning "Thank you"

Through reading comments, I had to realise something

― Something that can be expressed only by "ありがとう"

― Something that I, whose mother tongue is Japanese, can feel only from "ありがとう"

― Something.........a deep precious emotion that can be conveyed only through "ありがとう"

"Thank you"







In a dictionary,
all is supposed to mean the same

Under the rule that human made,
all is supposed to mean the same

But behind the word of each languages, there is certain, specific, special emotions that only a native speaker can feel

Emotions that I can feel only from Japanese
Emotions that I can express only through Japanese

ありがとう, Sakurai San

Still can't listen to your songs
Still can't believe you are not here anymore