Countries On One Continent

4/December/2022 in Tbilisi

Before coming to Tbilisi, I was in Georgia's 3rd city, Kutaisi, a very small town, for 3 days and saw a monument

It said the Polish president during WW2, called Władysław Raczkiewicz, was born in this town

I knew Georgia and Poland has a close tie in recent years, but didn't know such a strong historical connection exists

Then, I remembered news from the beginning of this month(November/2022), reporting 3 Polish presidents' remains came back to Poland from the UK

And as I checked this news now, one of them was this man

He was born in Kutaisi, then became a president in Poland, died in the UK

For a person from an island country/Japan in 2022, this dynamics somewhat feels really "Europe" where every country is in one continent and each of them is tightly closely complicatedly inter-connected and share so many things