Things I dislike in Tbilisi, Georgia

4/December/2022 in Tbilisi

What I've been annoyed by in Georgia is stray dogs and Georgian men

About stray dogs, so many of them all over the city and they do whatever they like on the street, so that they make the city very messy and extremely dirty

About Georgian men, lots of them pay too much attention to those who are foreigners or who look different, or whose appearance is out of their norm/standard

Staring from local people keeps happening to me in Eastern Europe and Balkans over the past several years, and I thought it's just natural

Because I, Japanese/Asian, look different, and I know the same thing happens when a non-Japanese person goes to Japan

But here, it is another level, specifically from local men

I'm sure this country is very difficult place to live for sexual minority people, and I have a certain sense of sorry for them who had to leave their country for here due to this ongoing war