First impression on Tbilisi


1 week passed

Haven't yet composed my thoughts about this city of Tbilisi

Haven't found an uniqueness of this city yet

The very first thing I noticed was there are so many Japanese cars

TOYOTA, Nissan, MITSUBISHI, Honda etc,

And strangely enough, TOYOTA's Prius is everywhere

I see +100000000 Prius every day on the street

Just after arrival, Tbilisi looked like Sarajevo where I stayed this summer due to its geographical location, being surrounded by mountains and hills

Then after a couple of days, Tbilisi seemed to have similar vibes in a district in Tokyo, called Shimo-Kitazawa, where there are many second-hand clothes stores, vintage shops, antique stores, and cozy small cafes

This notion reminded me of Berlin and Amsterdam several years ago, where everything was cheap, filled with free liberal atmosphere, and so it attracted many creative people & artists

And actually on the street of Tbilisi there are many people with a nice fashion sense & style

Fashion is quite different from, for example, Warsaw where I stayed before Tbilisi

Then, after several days of waking around, this city felt like some parts of Kyiv

Many things are old, rundown, and give off an intense smell of communism and decadence

Not to mention, there is an Ukrainian flag & its colours everywhere in Georgia, and this must be an underlying reason why I connected Tbilisi with Kyiv

Considering this country's population and economy, on the practical level things Georgian gov can do for Ukraine would be limited, I guess

But this ordinary people's willingness and grass-root supports, in other words, showing "solidarity" is probably far more important & encouraging than just giving money or weapons