Memory Fades Away

25/November/2022 in Tbilisi

52 years ago today
Yukio Mishima died

It was sunny Wednesday noon in 1970
And this quickly became nationwide news

Even 30, 40, 50 years later, many old Japanese said

"I still remember what I was doing in that moment when I heard/saw news saying Mishima committed Harakiri"

Mishima was basically a writer who produced serious novels

But back then he was seen a kind of multi-talented celebrity and often appeared in various TV programmes

Such a famous person suddenly gave an unexpceting performance in an unexpecting place, and in the end, committed suicide

This must've been very shocking to most of ordinary Japanese

.........Then I started to wonder if there was this kind of event in my life time so far

The first thing coming to my mind was
this July, 8th, when Abe(ex-Japanese prime minister)was shot and later passed away

Will I still remember about that day in 30, 40, 50 years time?

Or, will this memory drop, break into pieces, and fade away, as if nothing happened?