Happiness is Tasteless 2


Happiness is pleasant yet tasteless
Unhappiness is unpleasant yet tasteful

The below is an extract from my diary in September 2017

"Being happy is the most in-sensitive state of mind"

"Being happy manes feeling nothing"

Happiness is lukewarm

Tragedy is far more vivid, far more keen, far more lively, far more human

What we're afraid the most is boredom
And we do whatever we can do in order to avoid boredom

Theft, addiction, drug, cheat, voyeur, murder......, all is caused by boredom

Every single minute, we want to feel something

Even if it's pain, we still want to feel it

Because feeling something, that is, feeling one's own emotion, is the most strong, fresh, dazzling sign of "Being alive", "Living in the present moment" & "Being human"

Feeling nothing is unbearable

Happiness is unbearable

because pain, suffering, ache, sadness, loneliness, namely, "unhappiness" exists
& because they usually last long,

we can appreciate "happiness", that comes to us not so often
& that is very ephemeral

*This is based on my past writings below

Happiness is Tasteless

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