ETERNAL ― I know

23/March/2024 in Tokyo


20th March, 2024

I bought his new album


3 days has passed

Yet, I have not listened to his new music

Because I know I will like it

Because I know it will be a part of me

That night 21 years ago

That night in August, 2003

I met his music

That night in my childhood


This night in March, 2024

What bridges these two nights

is his music

is this emotion of me;

"I still listen to your music & I still like you"

A part of my identity
A significant part of my self-identity

His music
His lyrics
& His existence

were the biggest influence for my sense of beauty

His sense of beauty is the one that is closest to mine

That's why

I don't need to listen to his new album

I already know
I will like it

I already know
it will be the newest part of my existence

I already know
it will be another significant element of my new identity

I don't need anything from you
Because I already like you

The only thing that penetrates my 21 years