ETERNAL ― alone

24/March/2024 in Tokyo


20th March, 2024

I bought his new album


Looking back

for this 21 years of my life

I could not meet a single person who liked him

From time to time

I recommended his music

to my classmates
to my colleagues
to my ex-girlfriends
to my friends

There were a very few people who told me;

They liked one particular song
or one particular phrase of the song

But there was nobody who got an interest in him
as a person
as an entirety of one specific sense of beauty

In this way

For this 21 years
I've been listening to his music alone

For this 21 years
I've been thinking about him alone

For this 21 years
I haven't been able to share the core of my identity with anyone

.........Writing like this
might look like negative and/or sad

But the truth of the matter is

I don't really feel anything acute or poignant about this

Probably I always knew...........

― His music is something
a listener can enjoy only when he/she is all alone

― His music is something
one can't share with others

― My emotion towards him is something
I can't share with anyone

Probably I always knew...........

His music is the only thing that

& forgives

my loneliness of this 21 years

The only thing that penetrates my 21 years