ETERNAL ― my closure

25/March/2024 in Tokyo


20th March, 2024

I bought his new album


This is his first album in 4 years

And lately I'm feeling

one chapter of my life

.........that has been continuing for 4 years, since March 2020.........

will finally come to an end

His music is always next to my life

My life always goes with his songs

So that, I tend to see his new album as a kind of "divider"

Divide one period of my life from the previous period

Just like
we see things "before & after"

before & after smartphones
before & after the internet
before & after COVID-19
before & after getting a certain life realisation
before & after meeting a certain person who plays a significant role in one's life

Each of his albums made a mark on my life

His albums divide my life

at the same time

His albums connect my life

Many of his songs are reminders of many of important moments in my life

Release of his new album
And meeting his new music

feels like

"One chapter of my life closes & the new one starts"

His previous new album was released in March 2020

March 2020.........

In Warsaw
Warm spring
Corona virus
Covid restrictions
In a relationship
Started my business.........

From that time in 2020 to today in 2024

For this 4 years

Various things happened in my life & in the world

So many things

So many unsolved things............

............from trivial ones to significant ones............

............all these countless number of matters will finally come to an end & the new chapter of my life will finally begin

Finally I can leave
Finally I can start

exactly by listening to his new album;


The only thing that penetrates my 21 years