Eternal Life & Death


To live forever.

They say this has been a dream of human being since our history began (I have never dreamt of it, though)

Living forever means overcoming the death. But I’m very skeptical about this.

I’m not skeptical as to whether it will happen or not, but as to whether we should make it happen.

I don’t think that living forever can increase our sense of well-being.

Rather, a lot of people will fall into despair.

Everything comes to an end, including our lives. That’s why we can be humble and appreciate things around us.

Everything in this world is so ephemeral that every single moment becomes one-off and shines.

If we can live forever, we will not be able to recognise such value of a moment & time, and we will fall into complete laziness.

Because there is no reason to focus on the present moment and try to achieve things.

We must think "we will be able to achieve it in the future".

But even if this future comes, we will not achieve it.

Since our lives is forever, we have unlimited time. That is, there is still no reason to achieve it then.

If we achieve an eternal life, this itself will be "the last achievement" in our history.

A long time ago, the first creature appeared in the sea.

Later, they got out of the sea, increased their numbers, evolved into different creatures, numerous number of them appeared on the earth, and we, human being, appeared.

The more I think about such process of evolution and limitation of our lives, the more I feel that "death" is one and only motivation for all development and all evolution so far.

I cannot help thinking that, exactly because of "death", we have been able to move on and make the next step forward.