Listening to 'ETERNAL'


Today I was listening to his new album: "ETERNAL"

This was the 4th times

First listening was last Friday, a week ago

Then, I repeated once

The next day,
I listened to the whole album twice

After that, I did not
Or, I could not

I had enough time,
but I didn't have enough space in my mind to listen to this album

I don't want to listen to this album,
as if consuming something

I know,
one day
.............probably very soon.............
I will treat it as a "background music"

And playing it, while I work/walk/read/move/kill time

But until the day comes,
I don't want to listen to this album, as if I am consuming

Not consuming
Not "until I get bored"
Not "until the expiry date"
Not "it's disposal"
Not "the next one will come"

try to know,
try to understand,
try to sense,
try to appreciate
as much as I can

....................Do I have the same attitude towards relationships with other people these days?