University Began


University began from today

Seeing a bunch of university students in the city of Krakow

What caught my attention was
their fashion

It's different from high schoolers' fashion

High schooler's clothing......


yet, it doesn't look so bad

Because their excessive youthful energy is over-flooding from their body

Their physical superiority compensates & covers up all flaws in their fashion

On the other hand
uni students' fashion has more statements, has more messages, as in

"I am this kind of human being"

It means

Probably they had better understandings about themselves than high schoolers

Probably they gained skills to show it to the outside world through their outlook

uni students seem far less group-oriented than high school goers

Many walk, eat, read, study, alone

It means

Probably uni students knew more about loneliness than high schoolers

Probably they knew loneliness is not something they have to avoid

Rather, it's something comfortable, even friendly