Breakup Story 2 ― An Insult to Memories

27/September/2023 in Krakow

Some old story from a few years ago

Breakup was on the way

I was sure it was going to happen very soon

And what I was afraid the most was

Memories with her

Looking back, there were so many memories with her
And all felt so precious


Breakup means
to stop making new memories with her

Breakup means
to remove this entity/a relationship with her, that produced all memories so far

And breakup means
to convert this vivid, lively, fresh, ongoing thing/a relationship with her,
into a static, silent, dead, dried object,
like a specimen in a science museum

Pushing this ongoing present moment into the past

"No longer make a new memory with her"

This was the biggest sadness for me, among other sadness from the breakup

And my biggest fear was;

How to deal with memories with her after the breakup?

I didn't want to forget memories

Because it was a reminder of our relationship, of my life, of myself

But I didn't know how to deal with memories

At the same time, I couldn't understand this concept, "Get over"

I was said by some people:
"Just meet 10 other women. You'll forget & get over ex"

"Get over"

I could not understand
I still do not understand now
And probably I do not want to understand

Considering the significance of the relationship in my life.........any kind of relationships if it's important for me........., "Get over" sounds almost an insult to the memories with this person

Few years has passed since the breakup happened

Pain, sadness, loneliness......,
in some way, all still remains in me

But this is exactly a sign that the relationship was important for me,
for that moment of my life
& even for this present moment of my life that still carries on

I don't need to forget these emotions
I don't need to forget these moments
I don't need to forget these memories with her