Wish to be removed from her social media

17/March/2024 in Tokyo

This ex-girlfriend

I was dating her a really long time

It was very short

Nothing deep
Nothing profound
Nothing memorable

But the breakup was very bitter,
just like any other breakups

Or perhaps, it was short, that's why, it was bitter

After the breakup,
what I was bothered the most was

We were still connected

And every time I used Messenger,
I saw her online status,
which very much bothered me

I wanted to remove her from my Facebook

But I was hesitant,
as it was "cut the all ties" (IG or TikTok didn't exist then)

I still could not throw away "a hope" yet

This was the hope to reconcile & go back,
though I knew it was not possible

Thus, instead of me removing her,
I was hoping she would remove me

But seemed it would not happen

And this notion brought me some another bitter feeling

Because, her not removing me from her Facebook
it just looked like she didn't care as much as I did

She was not bothered as much as I was

Or, not at all

Her keeping me in her Facebook
it exactly looked like a sign of her indifference

How happy I would have been
if she had removed me from her Facebook

How happy I would have been
if she had blocked me

But it didn't happen
And seemed it would never happen

And it brought me even more bitterness

Some time needed to make up my mind
And I removed her

Since then,
I haven't heard anything from her

She hasn't heard anything from me either