18/January/2023 in Tokyo

*The below is from my diary on 3 August 2018 in Poland

It's been very hot summer

Earlier, I was walking towards Warsaw city centre

On the way, I noticed a girl with a bright summer dress, walking ahead of me

Her hair was what caught my eye. Carefully arranged, shiny, short hair

At first I thought she was heading to a bus stop, but she passed

She seemed lack of that strong will for the destination. Just randomly walking around

"Are you from here?"

was my first sentence to her

Then we started a chat

20 years old,
Half Polish & French,
Living in Paris
Currently visiting her Polish boyfriend in Warsaw

Will go back to France soon & stay there for a while, then will come back again to Warsaw next month.....

We walked together to the city centre

Without any clear asking from both sides, we went to a cafe called Relax

Chatting for an hour

.....Left the cafe, and just before goodbye-hug, I said

"Let's meet up when you come back from France next month"

She replied "Let's meet up BEFORE I go back to France. Tomorrow night?"

An hour passed since we said bye bye

Slightly unsure what I should expect from her

Also, somehow I'm not so excited
Not as excited as I was expecting before I talked to her

Probably because.....I just moved to Poland 3 days ago and feels like this kind of things are going to happen more in coming days & months