An ideal couple


In June, 2014

In the Eastern Polish city, Lublin

I saw "an ideal couple"

In a small cafe in a local shopping mall

I was writing my diary

At some point, I noticed
there was a couple in front of me. 10 meters away

Looked like uni students after the lectures

Only one drink between them

Only one straw in it

And what caught my attention was;

They did not talk at all

slowly playing with their hands each other

drinking a cold latte with one straw in turn

holding hands on the table for a while

And sometimes,
gazing each other warmly & smiling softly

.......For a moment,
I thought they were deaf & could not speak

Several minutes later

They left
And I saw them speaking

But it didn't ruin this vivid impression they left in me.........

Not trying to fulfill the silence with unnecessary words

Leaving an empty space empty
& Enjoy the pure, transparent air between them to the fullest

No words
That's why, it's even more clear

No words
That's why, it's even more pure

No words
That's why, it's even more "truth"

.........I was remembering a line from a Japanese poem I'd read long ago

"No doubts arise here. Because, here, there are only me and you(疑いは生まれない だって二人しかいないから)"

I felt that
this "unconditional-ness" in the poem.........

This unconditional transparence
This unconditional tranquility
This unconditional trust

were turned into real in front of me
And I witnessed it through that "an ideal couple"