Swim in the lake looks very Europeans


"Playing or swimming in the lake"

This always looks to me "very European"

Probably 2 reasons

1st reason is related to my country of origin/Japan

The entire country is surrounded by the sea

Swimming in the lake isn't popular

To me, lake always brings me an impression of slightly mysterious & far away & intact

And for the most people in the country, lake is the least familiar place

Rather, many are concerned with safety & cleanness of the water from the lake

which is not circulated or flowing, like the sea or the river

In my head, being "too attentive" & "over-concerned" with small tiny things is always connected to morbid mentality of the Japanese people

while an opposite quality, "nonchalance", is always connected with foreigners (in my case, Europeans, since I'm in Europe often)

2nd reason would be a Polish film by Roman Polanski, "Knife in the Water (1962)"

The story is about a couple playing in the lake

Watching the film's trailer many times in my teens infused me an image that "Europeans was playing in the lake", which is again, not common in my country