*Japanese ver

When my hand touches a wet part of a woman's body,
I always feel "I'm touching the lake"

Kiss is continuing......

Slowly my right hand moves

from her back
to her shoulder

from her chest
to her belly

to her underwear

And the moment my middle finger touches her watery part,
I feel I'm touching the lake

In my imagination, a lake always looks mysterious & mystical

Not like the sea,
Not like the river, that can exist next to the human society,

the lake is always separated from the civilization

Still remain innocent
Still remain pure
Still remain intact

To reach there,
we have to take time,
we have to go through several forests,
we have to get deep into the nature.........where we all humans come from

I touch the water of the lake

This unconditional warmth
This unconditional tenderness
This unconditional forgiveness 

This is where I am accepted