'Are you sure?' ― Source of Eroticism


*Japanese ver

"Are you sure?"

was a question I was asked

by a girl who I was about to undress in my bedroom

My Lips.

My hand.
Stroking her arms, her chest, her belly, her legs.....

She didn't show any sign of rejection

Then, just before I undressed her,
she said

"Are you sure?"

Several days has passed since that night

That night, I replied "Yes"

But now, I'm still unsure what I was sure about

Also, I'm still uncertain that about what she asked if I was sure

day by day, that question sounds more erotic to me

"Are you sure?"

An extremely fundamental element about man & woman lays in this question

The reason why this question sounded very erotic........very sensual.......to my ear was probably because;

This question highly likely originated from her anxiety

Anxiety of letting her naked body & mind being exposed to other human being

Anxiety of making one step forward by being physically intimate with a man

And anxiety of being vulnerable & giving a man full access to her physical domain.......and possibly, to her emotional territory as well

I could see her concerns, worries & anxieties through her voice and her green-ish eyes

She expressed these internal anxieties, as a female, by asking that question

And what I, as a man, was expected to do was
to give her an assurance & remove her anxieties, by saying "Yes. I'm sure"

I'm not into gender role concepts, such as
"Man should do this" or "Woman should do that"

But when it comes to an exceptional or extreme situation, like sex, where the fundamental difference between a man & a woman is most highlighted and most emphasised,

I still have to be aware of the dynamics between a man & a woman,
and have to act accordingly

And this is the source of sensuality & eroticism I've been feeling from this her supreme line;

"Are you sure?"