How to Love

22/August/2018 in Warsaw

What is needed when we love someone or something?

I think the most important condition for "love" is ephemerality.

In the end, everyone dies.

In the end, everything in this world comes to an end.

And I think this is the most important element of love.

Since everything fades away, we can appreciate ephemeral moments.

Since everything fades away, every single moments can shine.

And, since everything embraces ephemerality, we can be humble and respect to it.

Without ephemerality, how can we appreciate, respect things in this world?

Without death, how can we tolerate, accept, forgive and love others and our life?

One life, One death.

We are born once, We die once.

There is no repeat.

This moment is not repeat-able.

This moment exists only now.

Reincarnation, resurrection, reborn etc., all seems to me vulgar, abject and miserable notions.

We cannot love someone who is immortal.

We all are mortal, that’s why we can feel empathy and compassion for others who are also mortal.

Being conscious of Ephemerality, Moment, Mortal, and especially, Death.

This is my "How to Love".