Reason for contacting someone who we haven't talked


"Why do we want to contact a person who we haven't talked for a long time?"

One of the reasons would be,
we think like this;

"In the past, I had a fun time with him/her"

"If I meet him/her again, there is a higher possibility that I'll be able to have the same nice time again....."

Even if you haven't talked with this person for a long time,
still memory........memory of having a fun time in the like a spring and it pushes you to contact this person

We want to experience the same things again
We want to experience the memories again

That excitement,
That fulfillment,
That warmth,
..........That unforgettable emotion again in real

Soon, I'll meet someone in Krakow who I haven't communicated for ages

I will probably realise again,
once a connection is made with other human being, even if it's small or weak, it's impossible to eradicate it from one's life

That fun memory with her
That frustrating memory with her
That sad memory with her

All already lost its freshness & no emotional attachment anymore

Once we feel something, it's already too late
Once emotion is produced, it's already too late

Emotions will remain forever