Deep Communication

7/June/2024 in Tokyo

One of my friends sometimes posts her drawings on Instagram

Drawing of landscapes, flowers, sceneries etc.

It's a hobby drawing
Nothing serious 

For a long time
I just glanced at them. Felt nothing much 

But gradually it felt quite attractive 

Her attitude is quite attractive 

The same attitude is easily found in those who draw

Daily scenes
Daily flowers
Daily landscapes....... 

Most people just pass by

But they stop & take time to draw it

they find something attractive there

they are sensitive enough 

They can sense beauties in daily things 

they trust themselves

They believe it is beautiful
it is attractive
even if 99% of people don't pay attention to & passing by (or taking a photo at best, like myself) 

they are polite, and/or sincere

They try to communicate with things they're attracted to
by sitting down, by paying close attention & by drawing
in order to understand more

more of things
more of themselves

I'm often jealous with them

They immerse themselves into landscapes
& engage deep communication with flowers

They must have more enjoyment,
more connection,
more fulfillment

from daily things around us,
that is, from life itself