ETERNAL ― 21 years

22/March/2024 in Tokyo


20th March, 2024

I bought his new album


I've been listening to his music for 21 years

"I still listen to your music & I still like you"

I can't help thinking that
this is the only thing that penetrates the past 21 years of my life

21 years is long enough

21 years is such an enormous amount of time

So many events
Too many stories
were in this time frame


my feeling towards his music
my emotions towards him
are still here inside me

And now I'm convinced

I will listen to his music for the rest of my life
I will like him for the rest of my life

21 years was too long not to believe that
his music will be always a part of me

Always a significant part of my sense of beauty

The only thing that penetrates my 21 years