Another Normal Human Life

17/August/2023 in Krakow

What I vividly felt this time coming to a foreign country was;

There is a normal human life here

It's everywhere

I left Japan many times, but still I always feel the excitement while waiting for departure at Tokyo airport

Things far away look always attractive & dazzling

I still hold this sense of feeling shines from unfamiliar, unknown, outside world

Then, I arrived in Krakow

And realised there is a normal human live here, just like in Japan

Not as attractive as I was expecting
Not as dazzling as I was wishing
Not as intoxicating as I was dreaming

But I already know that in the near future, while I wait for my flight in Tokyo airport,

I will be still expecting so much,

I will be still dreaming of something that will destroy all mundanity around me & make me forget about myself