Nara, a birth place of Japan

15/March/2023 in Nara

Nara is far less known city, comparing to Kyoto

But Nara was Japan's capital city before Kyoto

Nara: 6 ~ 8th century
Kyoto: 8 ~ 19th century
Tokyo: 19th century ~

Hence Nara has a lot to offer

But among foreign tourists, Nara is only known for overly-friendly overly-greedy deers & a huge Buddha statue

which is actually understandable

Nara's historical things, buildings/remains etc. look a bit hard to approach. At least, seemingly not so appealing at the first sight, like things in Kyoto

Also Nara feels quite countryside

This is my first visit in 10 years

And when arrived earlier I was already surprised by quietness & kind of "an empty town vibe"

In my last visit to Nara in 2013, I went to Kyoto too, but much preferred Nara. Nara felt more authentic

10 years passed & just visited Kyoto last month

What will I think about Nara this time.....?