Moment & Emotion

31/December/2022 in Tokyo

The below is an extract from my diary in March 2017

"At a castle in Bratislava Slovakia, overlooking the river

Far away, over horizon, there is a countless number of propeller blades of wind turbines

This is my first visit to this city and probably last visit

And I feel I can't waste any time, any moment

An importance of "moment"...

My age is an accumulation of countless moments

My life is an accumulation of countless memories

An accumulation of moments = time

An accumulation of moments = memories

An accumulation of memories = burden"

Reading these lines, I just thought how alike moment & emotion are

We feel anger, yet in the next moment, we smile

We laugh, yet in next the moment, we feel despair

Just like teenagers

We can't escape from this teenager-like unstable & uncontrollable nature, when it comes to our emotions

We can't control our emotions

When we feel something, we can try to ignore, try to forget, try to change it to other type of emotion, but the fact that emotion exists is unchangeable

When we feel it, it already exists and we can't undo

Similarly, we can't control "moment"

We can make a plan for something to do in 1 hour, in 1 minute, in 1 second

But we can't make a plan for this "moment"

Because we can't catch "moment"

It constantly comes to us, immediately leaves us behind and never comes back