Unhappiness Tells More

2/January/2023 in Tokyo

The below is an extract from my diary in September 2017

"Being happy is the most in-sensitive state of mind

While being unhappy, we can be aware of small things and have an appreciation"

We are always taught like this

"You should talk about positive things rather than negative ones"

But during my Amsterdam period, I noticed somehow talking about negative subjects makes me & other person closer

Probably there are two reasons here

Because unhappiness tells more, reveals more of who she is

When she is happy, she looks very self-sufficient, and people around don't feel the necessity to give a hand

What we can or we should is only giving her a simple recognition

Say, "Congratulations", "Good for you", "I'm glad you made it" etc.

While, for someone who is unhappy, we feel like giving a help & support

Unhappiness requires far more involvement from our side

And more involvement makes us feel closer each other

Also, to me, happiness always seems something too plain, too simple, too bright, too white

Yet, unhappiness seems very grey, multiple shades of grey

Unhappiness looks more complex, more multi-faceted, more unclear, more ambiguous, and so I have to make an effort to figure out

And thus, unhappiness looks more unique & more individual, and I can see who she is more clearly and get to know her far better

Happiness is pleasant yet tasteless
Unhappiness is unpleasant yet tasteful

Or I should say

Happiness is pleasant for herself yet tasteless for others
Unhappiness is unpleasant for herself yet tasteful for others