I am a part of 'you'


*Japanese ver

Traveling in a foreign land certainly feels more intense & even more fulfilling

Yet, it always feels somewhat superficial

The reason is, simply, a lack of connection

In Japan

Everything I see, I hear, I smell, I touch

They are always related to & connected to my memories

Memories that I've gathered through my entire life

Here is where I was born & spent all significant periods of my life

Consequently, I was absorbing so many things.........

.........customs, knowledge, senses, scents, texture, sensitivity, emotions, simply put, "history & culture"

I am a product of these history & culture

I am an accumulation of these memories

99.999 % of these memories belongs to my subconscious territory

Hence, I can't recognise, specify, and comprehend any of them

But I do know it exists inside me

And this is exactly what brings depths & meanings to my experiences in my home country

Visiting a temple
Reading a novel
Walking on the street
Even breathing air

.......The amount of familiarities I receive is enormous

"........I don't know what this is, but feels so familiar"

"........It gets into me, into the bottom of my existence, so smoothly & so naturally"

"........And it feels absolutely certain that
I and 'you' share the same thing,
I and 'you' are from the exact same root,
And I am a part of 'you'........"

I can't feel this almost "holy" sense of connection during a foreign travel

It all looks nice, good and great

Yet, it all feels just "exotic"

Probably I should travel more in this country and find the root of Japan, the root of 'you'