Art & Theme

14/January/2023 in Tokyo

"What is the theme of this film?"

"What is the message this author tries to tell?"

This kind of question is always presented in front of art works, as if themes, concepts or messages exist prior to the creation

In the past I was thinking the same

And often I was more curious about these abstract things than film/book/painting/song itself

Hence I got confused when hearing these Mishima's words;

"........when I start writing, also while writing, I don't know what the theme is. Theme appears only after I finish the writing"

Later, when I myself got involved in a creative activity, I finally realised what it means

My 2nd book is a memoir on my London period

Before writing........even after I began writing........, I wanted this book to be for those who are curious of going abroad yet feel hesitation

London was my first foreign place
I had many concerns and hesitance before leaving Japan

Therefore I wanted this book to be something that would encourage those who are in the same position

But once completed & read what I wrote, I had to realise this book is nothing encouraging
but it's all about my loneliness & solitude

Then, I finally realised what Mishima said: "Theme comes at the end"

It makes so much sense

If the crystal-clear theme/concept/message exists prior to the creation and it doesn't change at all before & after, what is the point of creative process?

If nothing changes before & after, then this creative process........writing a book/drawing a picture/composing all becomes "task"

Before writing, I have some vague "theme" or an idea of what I'm going to write, but it's still very unclear

While writing, it gets clearer

And after the writing, I find what I actually wanted to write

This exploring
This discovering
This transforming myself

is the pleasure of creative process