'I'm an artist'

14/January/2023 in Tokyo

"I'm an artist"

Nowadays.....well, over the past +10 years.....everyone uses this phrase

Because if you're "artist", you can successfully avoid judgements from the society

You're not judged based on your education history, the amount of salary, positions in the company etc.....these man-made, dried, barren, number-related, namely "objective" standards

"Art" or "creativity" are seen as an extension of one's individuality, that doesn't fit well with objective measures

By declaring "I'm an artist",
you can quickly & openly escape into the field of subjectivity

It is where seemingly there are no judgements & interferences from others

But also it is where you can fill in with all kinds of excuses & justifications

(A postscript)

So do I look down on someone saying "I'm an artist"?

If it's 5 years ago,

Probably I laughed

Probably I thought they should be more embarrassed with this statement

Now I'm viewing it slightly differently

If "I'm an artist" means more people are confident in themselves and more people feel like they have something to share with others, it's definitely good thing

Now I do have far more appreciation to people who are sensitive enough with what they think & feel and also who are not afraid of expressing it

I've met too many people who had no idea what they felt, or they felt something but didn't know how to express, or they tried not to feel anything