A memoir about women


Reading a memoir by Shintaro Ishihara

Ishihara was a famous writer & a politician, a long-serving Tokyo governor
Seen as a controversial person

Died in Feb 2022 due to old age, 89 years old

Before his death, he asked a publishing company;
"Release this memoir only after I & my wife pass away"

His wife passed away last May, and in July this was published

I was always "mildly" interested in Ishihara as a person

But the prime reason I read this memoir was some personal curiosity

They say he wrote several episodes with women

I wasn't interested in these episodes themselves, but how it's written & how extent it's written

I've written a lot about women I met in my memoirs, hence I was curious how this well-known man wrote such episodes
And how extent he revealed it to the public

And besides, my biggest question was

if women, or memories about women, are still such an important matter for a man who is approaching the end of his life?

Took several days to finish Ishihara's memoir

And the answer was yes

Even in late 80 years old man,

Even in a man who got a brain stroke & physical ability worsened,

Even in this very influential, high-profile, successful man,

many reminiscences & memories of women he had relationship with were vividly alive & often passing in his mind

I hope I will leave this world without having any time for reminiscences & nostalgia