Abe's place


Visited here 2 weeks ago

Visiting this place was actually one of the main reasons why I went to Nara

This is where I had to visit

This is where Abe was shot dead last July

Since death of Abe/ex-prime minister, I've written overly lengthy, overly sentimental stuff here several times so far

This time, I physically went to a place where he had passed away

Hence, more wordy more sentimental sentences were expected to come out of myself

But actually it didn't

In fact I felt nothing there

In fact there was nothing there

I've seen so many articles/photos/videos about Abe's assassination, happened on 8 July 2022 in front of one of the main stations in Nara

I expected I could easily recognise the spot where Abe was shot & collapsed

But when arrived I couldn't figure out where

Because extensive construction work was underway

Landscape changed a lot

But still, I expected that I could see flowers, a bottle of drinks, letters etc.. were piled up on the street to pay respect. At least this was what I saw on news 1 month ago

I couldn't find any

Walked around
Still couldn't find any

It was actually impossible to make such a space, due to construction work

An old male construction worker

sitting on the street
doing his work
looked very focused

I was standing behind him
I couldn't see his face

But his existence, his physicality, and the atmosphere he gave off somehow made me sharply realise it's just impossible to make a space, even a small space for flowers

It'd be just an obstacle for his construction work

Practicality, or reality, was the priority there

100 - 150 meters away from the contraction site
I prayed for a while and left the place

Felt like we forget anything & everything like this

It's not only about Abe but about everything & everyone

Some sad thing happens, then new situation appears, then another thing happens, the same thing repeats over and over again

Things rise & fall
People meet & leave
And slowly but surely we forget

In a sense it's sad
But all of this felt like strangely very Abe
Strangely fit an image of Abe

Still a sense of loss is somewhat alive in me
but as time goes,
it would get colder gradually
lose freshness completely
& go away inevitably

as if nothing happens from the beginning