Japan's history makes me dizzy

1/April/2023 in Tokyo

Reading "Japan's 20th Century 1 : from Russo-Japanese War to the WW2/戦後史の解放I 日露戦争からアジア太平洋戦争まで)"

Feeling dizzy

These days I was often reading books about Japan's Heian period (8 - 12th Century)

It was when "The Tale of Genji" was written

Then, the book about early 20th Century

This 800 years of distance made me dizzy
This drastic change of Japan made me dizzy

In the Heian period, Japan stopped a contact with China(Tang dynasty), and became basically a very introvert "Hekikomori"

But isolating themselves & focusing on the inside produced various rich cultures that are still alive in our daily life

Then, in the early 20th Century, Japan was driven by the expansionism, being an extrovert aggressor and invaded China & other Asian countries

Introversion & Extraversion
Creation & Destruction
Peace & War

Momentarily these contrasts looked too strong

("Colourful & Monochrome" is also one of contrasts. From Heian period, no photos/videos, only paintings/drawings. But most of them are coloured. From the early 20th century, many photos/videos. But they're all black and white)