Ignorant Tears


I don't believe in any religions

Probably that's why, I'm occasionally impressed by people, at around my age or younger, who believe in a religion

I tend to beautify them, as if they have some beautiful faith

We can't believe in something
if we are not pure

especially in this current era,

where we are always taught "to doubt" rather than "to believe"

where "knowledge" is given much before "experience"

where an adult person, living in mom's basement in the middle of Texas, can spend all day long consuming other's life stories and make his head filled with knowledge & "realisations" without any experiences

Mishima sometimes quoted a line from a famous German writer, Goethe

"What we don't know is the only useful thing in life. What we already know is no use"

Probably it means;

We can take an action
We can dream
We can be attracted......

......all because we don't know the consequence

Being ignorant is a must to be attracted & to be intoxicated

Being ignorant is a must to be innocent & to be pure

Being ignorant is a must to be beautiful

Biggest mystery in the world is always death

We have always been & will endlessly be attracted to death

Death is the only thing that, in order to fully understand, we have to experience it, yet once we experience, we are no longer in this world