102 years war: Japan & Montenegro


2 days ago, Montenegro got a new prime minister

It seems he used to live in Japan for several years

Studying/working in Osaka & Saitama (nearby city of Tokyo)

And I remembered some strange relations between Japan & Montenegro


In Montenegro, there is a town called Japan

No idea why



Montenegro - Japan was in war for 102 years

It originated from 1904, when Russia & Japan's war started

Due to a close relationship with Russia,
Montenegro sent army personnel to the frontline in East Asia
And accordingly Montenegro declared the war against Japan

In 1905 Russo-Japanese war ended

Then, the meeting was held in Portsmouth and the peace treaty was made

But Montenegro was not invited to this meeting

They say it's because nobody in Russia/Japan knew Montenegro declared war
Even people in Montenegro didn't know it

So that, state of the war continued,
until 2006 when some Japanese politician found it and mentioned in the Japanese parliament

Now 2023

Still unclear whether or not the state of the war was resolved

Even more unclear whether or not Montenegro actually declared the war in 1904