Ephemerality of Relationships

12/January/2023 in Tokyo

The below is extracts from my diary on March - October 2017 about ephemeral nature of relationships

• March 2017

Recently I said this a couple of times

"Human relationship, interaction, is based on very subtle, fragile elements and often it's easy to lose its balance"

• 10 September 2017

Relationship is based on something very subtle and fragile. And, although it takes a very long time to construct/develop, it collapses immediately & abruptly

• 15 September 2017

.....I already knew this, but during this trip I was forced to realise even more that how ephemeral relationships are

I always think all kind of relationships are based on surprisingly fragile, subtle elements. And once such a tiny subtle elements work in a wrong way, everything collapses immediately. It's almost impressive to see how quickly a relationship disappears.

Just one action, just one word, is enough to ruin the relationship

The more I meet people, the more I feel how ephemeral & fragile relationships are. But that's why I can get more appreciation for my long-term relationships I now have with friends and some people. It's not ephemeral, not fragile, but solid and deep