Foreign Japanese Women


In foreign countries

when having a drink with local men/guys/boys, frequently I got asked

"So....., tell me about Japanese giiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrls!!!"

Always have some difficulty to react

After being often away from Japan for the past decade,

now Japanese women look the most mysterious, and so the most foreign, to my eyes

Very strange feelings

Because they are supposed to be the most similar, most close opposite sex to me, both physically & emotionally

But every time I came back from abroad, I "observe" them, just like Western tourists watch Japanese Geisha lady

And Japanese women's black & long hair, black/light-brown eyes, petite physique, delicate fashions, sensitive move, quiet look & avoiding eye contacts as much as possible...

all these things look so foreign to my eyes

I think I know about them, but I feel I don't know about them

Or perhaps I don't know any women in any countries