Melting Romance and Chocolate

4/October/2018 in Warsaw

I was eating a chocolate this morning. And I noticed how alike a chocolate & a relationship are.

When we put a chocolate into our mouth, it’s not sweet at all. It’s still dry. It’s still cold.

Texture is rough. It’s like a stone.

Edges of a chocolate hits on inside mouth. Not pleasant feeling.

What’s worse, at this moment, we are not sure what kind of taste, what kind of experience and what kind of pleasure (or nightmare) this chocolate will bring to us

There is only an optimistic expectation that this chocolate might be sweet. But, who knows?

Perhaps it’s an extremely bitter chocolate.

Perhaps it’s just a rubber for erasing letters on a paper.

Perhaps it’s a poison that pretends to be a chocolate.

There is only an expectation & a hope that it might be sweet.....

Then, edge of a chocolate gradually starts to melt.

Edges lose its acute shape and gets rounded. Gradually it gives pleasant touch to our mouth. And taste also gradually changes......more smooth, more mellow......

It is when we start to realise it’s a chocolate that is sweet, neither bitter nor poisonous.

Over time, a chocolate gets melting more and becomes sweeter and sweeter......, pleasant feeling increases.

If it’s a fine chocolate, there is one more pleasure in it. As outer part melts, gradually "a juice" from inside flows out. Often this juice contains alcohol. It brings an intoxication to us.

So, after a first sensation of sweetness, we gradually get intoxicated and dazzled......

Fortunately there is only small portion of alcohol in it, so we don’t badly get intoxicated.

We can just enjoy light & cheerful tipsy.

......This is the luckiest scenario.

If we meet a right chocolate, we would get such a pleasant experience. But, if we meet a wrong chocolate, it never melt out in our mouth, but it remains its edges and keeps hitting on inside our mouth. We feel constant discomfort and pain.

Obviously, there is no juice inside.

No intoxication flows out.