Memory of a Czech Girl

22/December/2022 in Tokyo

"Czech Girl" is one of the chapters in my next book

Haven't written anything yet, but this is the episode I've been wanting to write about for ages

Perhaps I decided to write this book only for writing this small story about her

I met this girl from Czech while I was visiting Barcelona for a couple of days in Nov 2016

It was "romance"

Short, yet everything in it

Probably everyone has this kind of romance in our lifetime

Until a couple of years ago, memory of this Czech girl came to my mind from time to time

Just passing through my mind for a moment

Didn't bring me anything significant
Didn't cause me any emotional reaction

But there was always something shining in it
There was always something slightly sweet in it

And I always didn't know what to do with this memory

Time passed and now I have the way to deal with it

which is writing

But what do I want to achieve by writing about her now?

If I write, will it enable me to meet her again?
Most probably, no

Or, do I want to meet her in the first place?
Well, not really

Probably I'm not interested in this Czech girl itself

Probably what I'm interested is......memory

Memory of spending time with her

This is what still shines in my mind

And my want of writing about it is probably.......

to catch this transient twinkling and make this ephemeral shine eternal

An eternally shining in my mind

My un-invadable memory

My memory
only I have
nobody can invade