Her Fragrance Makes My Soul Intoxicating


The other day at night in Warsaw

I was quickly meeting a woman

At the end, we hugged and parted

Then, I walked to the city centre to meet a friend

While walking, I noticed my coat gave off pleasant, sweet scent

It was her perfume

Arrived in the city centre and met a friend at a bar

Having a chat over a couple of alcohol, but still I felt her perfume from my coat

She was not there, but as if she was next to me

Then I remembered one line from an acclaimed Japanese writer, Junichiro Tanizaki:

"酒は人間の肉体を酔はせ、香は人間の魂を酔はせる。⏤ Alcohol makes our body intoxicating. Fragrance makes our soul intoxicating"

Surely my soul was intoxicated by her perfume
namely by her