Humans Never Become Mature


We often over-evaluate older people, thinking like "He is now 40 years old, so he must not do this or that anymore, like 20-year-old boy" or "My parent must have stable view about things, not like me" etc. But, in my opinion, this is not really correct.

We just project ourselves (or our inner anxiety about the future) onto older people and idealise them. "If I become 40, I MAY BE as mature as he is, I MAY have more stable views than now, the reality around MAY BE more fixed".

Simply put, denying older person’s maturity means denying our own future maturity, our own expectation for the future. That’s why we often over-evaluate older people, and get a slight of disappointment or become critical if we happen to see their immature aspects.

Immaturity exists in all ages. If we are 20 years old, this age does not feel comfortable and tend to think 30 or 40 or 50 or whoever older seems to be more composed, more mature, more adult, more stable. But this uncomfortableness from age does not fade away even if we become older. A German writer, Goethe said "Youth period feels uncomfortable". But I’m sure we feel uncomfortable at all ages, until we die. Only death brings an absolute relief to us.