Desire for Eternity

26/October/2022 in Warsaw

Desire for eternity

This is one of the biggest motives to create so-called art

Why do we take a picture?

Everything in this world is flowing and nothing is at standstill

Time is the same. It's passing fast, like an arrow

Time is accumulation of "moment" and it is "moment" that always flows

We can't capture and hold "moment"

But, by taking a picture, we feel like we could successfully freeze time and capture "moment"

And we feel like we could make this short-lived momentary "beauty" forever

Beauty......, in other words,

or pleasure
or intoxication
or arousal
or ecstasy

Desire for stopping time

Desire for holding & feeling ecstasy forever

Many works in photography, films, music, paintings, writings, sculptures etc contain this lust deep inside

Life is ephemeral
That's why we can't stop seeking something eternal