Ephemeral, yet Eternal

2/February/2024 in Tokyo

*Japanese ver


I always view emotions of all kinds very fluid & very uncertain

And among them,
feeling for someone/something........."I like someone/something"........is the one that I consider

the most unreliable,
the most untrustworthy,
& the most ephemeral emotion of all

At the same time,
on the contrary,
somehow I always feel an emotion of "Like" is somewhat connected to, so-called, "eternity"

(I wrote about this here)

Yesterday, I was reading a newspaper

Exactly 1 month had passed since the earthquake that happened in the north-west of Japan on 1/January

3 pages were fully covered with messages
from a person who survived
to a person who died

From a daughter to her mother
From a husband to his wife
From a grandfather to his grandson
From a friend to his friend
From a teacher to her student..........

One message was written by a young man
who learnt some very local traditional craft from his master who passed away on that day

The message ended with;

"Please rest in peace........
I will surely pass your passion and love for this traditional craft to our next generations, just like you passed it to me. And make sure to keep it alive, keep it going"

By giving emotions to others,
By passing emotions to others,
By conveying emotions to others,

"Emotions can be eternal",
I felt

Instead of keeping emotions inside oneself,
try to express it, try to tell it, try to convey it

Then, "Emotions can be eternal",
I felt

This very vague,
This very unreliable,
This very ephemeral thing,
called emotions

"If someone accepts it, appreciates it, then
Emotions can be eternal",
I felt

If our emotion is truly genuine........

If we come across someone who truly embraces our emotion........

this ephemeral emotion in us can be eternal

this ephemeral existence of us can be eternal