Japanese woman in Kimono


In Tokyo,
Kimono is already something special
It's used only for rare occasions

While in Kyoto,
I see a Japanese woman in Kimono here and there

Pleasing to see
a traditional culture still being alive in everyday life

In my personal view,
Kimono is best-suited for a Japanese woman who is more than, approx, 35 years old

Kimono has gorgeous patterns on its surface
Also it has a heavy volume

If a young woman wears Kimono
...........her body itself is fresh enough and gives off a dazzling youthful energy...........
combined with Kimono, it can look a bit too much

It can even look "cosplay",
just like a female foreign tourist wearing Kimono in Japan

Too much freshness,
Too much dazzling vibe from her body can offset, or kill, Kimono's charms

Some kind of composure & silence,
a certain withered energy..........even a certain tiredness with her own life..........,
as well as skinny & flat body shape,
are necessary to wear Kimono

Several days ago,
on the street in Kyoto,
I passed a woman in Kimono

Around 35 ~ 40 years old
Short ~ middle length hair
Shiny black hair
Slender, flat body
Unusual yellow-ish coloured Kimono.......

After I passed, I even looked back

An intense mystical aura grabbed my attention

Even slight sensual vibe was there

These atmospheres are probably something only a middle-aged Japanese woman in Kimono can produce