Kyiv―Yoshiko Sai―Etsuko Takano―Kyoto

28/January/2023 in Kyoto

Music always brings back old memories

During my 1st visit to Kyiv, I often listened to 1976-released-album by Yoshiko Sai

No actual relation between this album and Kyiv

I found it by accident before my visit and was intensively listening to it in Kyiv

But, as a result, memories of Kyiv, particularly, particularly, particularly, view of Dnipro river from the Dnipro Station, always comes to my mind when playing this album

One day, I noticed one lyrics from the album is very similar to a poem included in a diary written by Etsuko Takano, who killed herself in 1969 in Kyoto

Also got to know this singer/Yoshiko lived & studied in Kyoto in 70s

Then, it's highly likely this singer read this 70's best seller diary and got some inspiration, and wrote the lyrics

.....what I've written so far has basically zero relevance to anyone in the world, and must not make sense

Possibly understandable in some logical way, but emotionally not really

If we want to find a connection, it's easy. Kyoto & Kyiv has been sister city for more than 30 years, and that's why there is a park in Kyiv, called Kyoto Park

No need to go through some old 70s music or an old diary from uni student

But probably it is called an episode or life story which I'm made from

Giving a personal meaning to things & making connection each other & inevitably feel it's important for oneself

Nobody can understand the depth of this importance, often seems ridiculous, but for him/her it's a significant piece of memories & life